Our team is focused on maximizing return of invested capital, maintain timely delivery and deliver in desired quality to clients we represent.​

Our team brings your plans and visions to life, keeps project moving on and most importantly reduce construction/ investment costs.​

Within standard project we provide following services.​

  • Advice on workplace strategy and optimization
  • Secure budgets/ timeline and effective strategy
  • Perform technical due diligence of building/interior
  • Tender and contract suppliers - engineering and design
  • Propose optimal technical solution
  • Valuate capital expenditures
  • Tender contractors of construction works
  • Larger projects - perform bundles of smaller tenders
  • Contract supplier
  • Secure engineering
  • Manage construction timeline
  • Perform technical supervision of construction site
  • Coordinate inspection days, monitoring construction progress
  • Ensure correct performing of as-built documentation
  • Colaborate within obtaining of final permit and coordinate handover
  • Resolve backlogs, invoicing & warranty claims